Romania: Gazprom subsidiary gets environment approval to search for oil and gas

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Serbian company Nis Petrol, a subsidiary of Russian group Gazprom, has received the Environmental Protection Agency’s approval to resume the search for oil and gas in the Bihor county, in western Romania.

On hearing the news, several mayors said they would oppose the explorations, according to Digi 24 news station.

Two years ago, Nis Petrol set out to search hydrocarbons in two areas of Bihor, but the environmentalists and local residents protested. They feared the company was actually searching for shale gas.

The Serbian company said then that it would give up the exploration because some areas were overlapping with protected areas.

Nis Petrol now wants to resume the exploration and has received the Environmental Agency’s approval. However, it needs the municipalities’ approvals as well, and some mayors announced they didn’t agree with these explorations.


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