Romania: Hidroelectrica invests EUR 150 million in headrace gallery

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Hidroelectrica inaugurated its latest headrace gallery, Surduc-Nehoiasu, part of the Surduc-Siriu hydropower planning, following a EUR 150 million investment, the company announces.

The headrace gallery is the longest to be implemented since 1984, leading water to from the Surduc accumulation to hydroelectric power plant Nehoiasu and has a length of approximately 16.6 kilometers, a flow of 40 sqm per second and an inner diameter of 4 meters.

Implementation was applied in eight points at the same time, at Basca Mare, Titilau, Pruncea, Trestia and Castel. Currently, the underground gallery’s last section (Trestia-Castel) is being dug, marking the completion of excavation works and ensuring coverage of the entire length of 16.6 km through the mountain range of Buzau.

The gallery, which is the longest one to be dug for energy purposes (2,540 meters) and will have the highest water fall level among Hidroelectrica’s investments (490 meters), will ensure Nehoiasu power plant the highest energy production capacity among the company’s plants.

The hydropower investment in Siriu-Surduc is part of the company’s investment plan for 2015-2020, Hidroelectrica having a budget of over EUR 1.3 billion allocated for refurbishment, maintenance and development works.


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