Romania: High quality polymetallic ore at Manaila mine

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Vast Resources has recorded, in July, a growth of the quality of the ore extracted from the Manaila pit. The results are the effect of implementing the solutions found by the Romanian and African technical experts.

The solutions proposed by the two teams of technical experts have offered the British company Vast Resources the possibility to increase the quality of the concentrate to a steady 19-21% copper. Moreover, the company will now apply the similar test work, offering their clients high quality zinc concentrate that will secure profit in time.

With the initiation of the process to separate the zinc concentrate from the copper one, the level of the zinc was reduced to down to 3%, from an average of 12% from the concentrate. This way it has maximized the value of the two types of ore and Vast Resources offer its clients high quality concentrate.

“We’re very happy that, in less than a month after the implementation of new techniques of separation of the concentrates, Vast Resources has recorded the first qualitative and quantitative increases. Even though at the beginning of the month we have had encountered some difficulties because of the flooding from heavy rain, the company has invested in repairing the roads and de-watering and cleaning the pit. Therefore, we’ve succeeded in achieving the target to increase by 2,5% – to 19% the quality of the copper concentrate,” said Andrew Prelea, President and Executive Director of Vast Resources Romania.

The investments made in order to increase the quality of the extracted material are just a part of the plan that Vast Resources has in 2016 for developing the Mănăila mine from Suceava county.