Romania: KMG International has invested over 1.56 billion dollars in the last seven years

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KMG International (former Rompetrol Group) has invested in Romania over 1.56 billion dollars in the last seven years, and of that amount 600 million dollars targeted environment management, shows the company’s Sustainable Development Report.

According to the cited source, the Group has processed over 33 million tonnes of raw material (of which more than 9.4 million tonnes in the 2013 to 2014 reporting period), and has contributed to the state budget over 3.2 billion dollars in the past two years.

“At the level of environment management – following the investments to upgrade the Petromidia Refinery, KMG International became in 2013 the first local fuel producer to have aligned to the Euro-5 emissions standard, and the refinery has improved its energy intensity index. Also, one of the major performances recorded by the Group is complying with the national and European environmental norms on emissions of sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides and powders (the SO2 emissions were reduced by 90.63pct in 2013),” reads a Group’s release.


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