Romania: State doesn’t need landowners’ permission for big gas pipeline

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Projects of national importance in the field of natural gas can be implemented without the agreement of the landowners whose property would be crossed.
These include the project that aims to interconnect the gas transport systems of Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria, namely the BRUA project.

The project’s infrastructure elements can cross people’s property, even if they don’t agree with it. Moreover.

If the landowners refuse the companies’ access on their land, then the firms that carry out the work can ask the police to help.

The provisions are part of an emergency ordinance drafted by the Economy Ministry.

State-owned gas carrier Transgaz will develop the Romanian section of the BRUA pipeline, which is 528 kilometers long and will cost some EUR 560 million to build.

The European Commission has already approved a EUR 179 million financing for this project and the work should start early next year.


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