Romania: The building of reactors 3 and 4 of Cernavoda nuclear power plant is justified neither in terms of costs

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The building of reactors 3 and 4 of Cernavoda nuclear power plant is justified neither in terms of costs to be covered by the Romanian society nor by the trend of increasing electricity demand, reads a Greenpeace Romania release.

“The public support which would be borne by the end-consumers, if the project is implemented, could amount to 55 billion euros during the 35 years of operation, according to an independent study, a sum that would lead to increased bills for household consumers by up to 18pct. Greenpeace Romania is demanding that the Government come up with an energy strategy based on sustainable development and geographical distribution of production units to accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources that do not entail significant environmental risks,” reads the release.

For the project of the two reactors to be profitable, says Greenpeace, the Government should decrease the cost of funding by providing guarantees for loans for building and operating the nuclear power plant. The guarantees for loans must be approved by the European Commission, since these are considered state aid, which may distort the energy market.

“The almost total lack of flexibility of nuclear power would make the safe operation of reactors 3 and 4 impossible in the absence of some solutions to offset this rigid character. By their nature, the reactors work and produce constantly, even when the country’s consumption is at minimum levels, for example at nighttime. Thus, the two additional reactors cannot operate in the absence of a “dispatchable consumer,” such as the hydropower plant in Tarnita. This is the main role of the Tarnita project and offsetting the variable character of renewables, the official motivation, should take a backseat.

The two projects – Cernavoda 3 and 4 and Tarnita – are justified only together and also together will be a significant economic burden for society,” said Ionut Cepraga, Greenpeace Romania’s campaign coordinator.


The Romanian state will award guarantees for the project of building reactors 3 and 4 of Cernavoda nuclear power plant, which will be implemented by joint-venture between Nuclearelectrica and China General Nuclear Power Corporation, Daniela Lulache CEO Nuclearelectrica said on Wednesday, during Foreign Investors Summit.

“The guarantees are granted to the project, and not to the companies which implement it.

She added that there are expectations as the Chinese state to provide also such guarantees to the project, to support the company which it controls.

According to CEO Nuclearelectrica, the purpose of these guarantees is to ensure the necessary funding for the project development.

Recently, the General Meeting of Nuclearelectrica Shareholders, controlled by the Romanian state through the Ministry of Energy, with 82.42 percent of the shares, approved the Memorandum on the construction of 3 and 4 reactors of the NPP in Cernavoda in partnership with the Chinese state company, despite the opposition of Fondul Proprietatea (FP), a significant minority shareholder with about 9 percent of the shares.


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