Romanian Hydroelectrica plans to add 600 MW of wind and green hydrogen capacity

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Hydroelectrica, one of the largest producers of electricity in Romania, wants to add 300 MW of installed offshore wind power and 300 MW of onshore wind capacity in the coming years, as well as green hydrogen production capacity on the Danube.

“Hydroelectrica aims to diversify its production facilities, which is a fact assumed by the ambitious strategy proposed to the shareholders and approved by them. We want to go exclusively in the direction of green energy in terms of developing a product portfolio. In the coming years, we intend to add 300 MW of offshore wind farms, but this is not our only project. We also want 300 MW of offshore wind, but also capacities for the production of green hydrogen on the Danube, just to mention a few of our projects, “said Bogdan Badea, President of the Executive Board of Hidroelektrika.

Romanian Energy Minister Virgil Popes, accompanied by Bogdan Badea and other government and company representatives, visited the Crucea wind farm in the Constanta district, owned by Hidroelektrika.

The inclusion of the Cruce wind farm in Hidroelektrika’s portfolio represents the first successful merger and acquisition of a Romanian state-owned company. The wind farm was taken over by the German Steag Gmbh.

Hidroelektrika is the leading producer of electricity and the main provider of technological services in the National Energy System.

Hydroelectric has 187 hydropower plants in operation, with an installed capacity of a total of 6,372 MW. The company also has a Crucea wind farm in its portfolio, with an installed capacity of 108 MW.



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