Serbia: 17.000 electricity medium consumers entrance to open market conditions

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Around 17.000 small and medium electricity consumers from small business industry are consuming 30.000 Kwh of electricity per year. In the next following weeks these consumers will have to enter the open electricity market announced CEO of power utility EPS Elektroprivreda Srbije Mr.Aleksandar Obradovic.
According to the energy law these consumers were obliged on 1.july 2015 to leave the public regulated price supply system but in agreement with Ministry of Energy this deadline was postponed.
EPS is prepared for this new market challenge and EPS hopes to keep most of these consumers explained Obradovic.

EPS will start the contracting promotion campaign toward this consumers and offer them supply contracts. At the moment EPS supplies 98% of electricity market concluded Obradovic.
Serbian EPS is still a state monopoly power generation with lowest electricity price in the region. Earlier EPS and Ministry officials announced several rounds of electricity price hike in 2016 and 2017 which will change the market position of EPS for sure. The question is whether EPS is prepared for this market condition and new competitors which will surely find their market entrance interest.

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