Serbia as an example of environmental hazards of Chinese investments

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The Taiwan Times has claimed that Serbia is a nation where the damage caused to the environment due to the Chinese investment is very much evident. A leading news portal has claimed that China’s investments in energy, agriculture and infrastructure are increasingly wreaking unprecedented damage on the ecosystem and biodiversity of every country it engages with.

Serbia, which is a nation blessed with an abundance of natural resources, has witnessed a spike in Chinese investments since 2010.

In August 2020, hundreds of people protested in Smederevo against the pollution emitted from the local steel plant, Zelezara, reports The Taiwan Times.

It stated that this was in complete violation of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, as well as other conventions on human rights to which Serbia was a signatory, the news portal reported.

Also voicing their concern on the issue of environmental degradation, a group of MEPs, recently requested the European Commission to take note of the Chinese investments in the field of heavy industry in Serbia, especially in ironworks, coal mines and tyre factories, because these too have negative consequences on the environment, it said.

The article said in times of Climate Change, one cannot but weigh the pros and cons of investments flowing from a country as imperialistic as China, to be responsible as global citizens and to pass on a salubrious environment to our posterity.