Serbia can expect many new investments in solar energy

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At the conference on solar energy in Serbia, organized by the Baklan Green Energy News portal, they talked about greater use of solar energy in our country and the new legal framework that will emerge after the adoption of the new law on renewable energy sources before the Assembly on, March 15. The conference brought together a large number of experts, investors in renewable energy sources, representatives of the state and local governments, as well as representatives of international institutions. During the whole day, many interesting information and news could be heard at the conference when it comes to the use of solar energy in our country. The discussion was divided into four panels dealing with the issues of large solar power plants, the use of solar energy in district heating, the use of solar energy in industry and the opportunities of citizens to get involved in this process.

The impression is that most of the participants believe that Serbia is now at a turning point when, after several years of delay, it would start a real energy transition and expansion of renewable energy sources. In the introductory part of the conference, the audience was addressed, among others, by Žužana Hargitaj, outgoing director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the Western Balkans, who stated that this institution wants 50% of its annual investments in Serbia to be green investments. economy.

The director of the Secretariat of the Energy Community, Janez Kopac, said that Serbia was lagging behind in the energy transition, but that the situation was changing now. In addition, he welcomed the adoption of the new law, which he said was modern, but also reminded of the international obligations that our country has undertaken.

Maja Turković, Vice President of CWP for Serbia, which invests in renewable energy sources in our country, said that there is currently great interest from investors in investing in our country, and that a large number of projects are already in the process of preparation.

The last speaker at the opening of the conference was Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic, who emphasized that in writing the set of laws in the field of energy, the ministry consulted representatives of international institutions, investors and the public and that the law will enable boom in solar energy investments in our country. In addition, she pointed out that Serbia’s goal is to have a 40% share of renewable sources in electricity and heat by 2040.

From everything seen, it is clear that the new Law on Renewable Energy Sources will enable the situation when it comes to the application of solar energy in Serbia to move from the deadlock. This, along with the already existing development that exists when it comes to wind energy, should mean that in the coming years we could expect a real expansion of these sources in our country, which already received slightly less than 30% of electricity from hydropower plants. It is certain that this expansion will open some new issues, such as land use and environmental impact, which is why it is important for local communities to be involved in these projects from the very beginning. This was especially emphasized by Benedict Ortman, Chairman of the Strategic Committee of SolarPower Europe, who stressed that for the success of these investments it is necessary to have the support of the local population, as well as to use the knowledge of local partners already in this business. Although it can be assessed as positive that things are moving in this area, our country has a long way to go when it comes to the transformation of the energy system. The construction of new coal-fired power plants is still planned, and the most important strategic documents when it comes to the fight against climate change, which should give us more detailed information on the further action plan, have not been adopted yet.



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