Serbia: Canadians found rich boron minerals field at Kraljevo

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Canadian company, Balkan gold’, found a field rich in boron minerals near Usce at Kraljevo whose value is estimated at some half billion euros.
The minister of mining and energy, Aleksandar Antic, outlined it is of great importance for that region and that on exploitation of that mineral in the plant for production of boron acid, 500 to 1000 people could be employed.

When visiting the Ibar mines, Antic announced that they will discuss to the company which is a domestic legal entity and behind which there is Canadian capital, the option of partnership for opening of boron mineral mines.

The first indicators of the finding show there is 7,5 million tons of mineral with high level of boron oxide as well as that estimations of the value total some EUR 500 m.

He added one part of miners from the existing mines from the region could be transferred to this place.


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