Serbia: Construction of new thermal power station in Kostolac starts soon

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Serbian Mining and Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic announced Tuesday (30 June 2015) that the construction of new thermal power station in Kostolac with a capacity of 350 megawatts should commence soon.

– We expect construction works to start any day now – Antic said and pointed to the importance of the new investment cycle in Serbia’s energy sector because not one new energy facility has been built here since the 1990s.

Antic told the press after a meeting with NALED representatives that the construction of power plants generating electricity from renewable energy sources was also very significant, especially large wind farms.

He announced that the draft of renewable energy purchase agreement was in the final phase of preparation, adding that the reconciliation of that draft agreement with financial institutions and investors would start soon.

This draft must reconcile the interests of investors and the Republic of Serbia, said Antic.

Source; Agencies

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