Serbia: Construction permit for mini-hydroelectric power plant on Zlotska river issued to ENERGO CO

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Mayor of Boljevac Nebojsa Marjanovic, confirmed to IST Media that this local government has issued a permit for the construction of a mini-hydroelectric power plant (SHPP) on Zlotska River near the village of Sumrakovac to the power generation and distribution company Energo Co 2015 from Subotica.

Due to the announcement of the construction of the SHPP and the fear that it would devastate the area, a protest was held by the residents in the village of Zlot, and a protest was announced in Sumrakovac.

Marjanovic believes that this hydro-energy facility will not endanger the Zlotska River, flora and fauna in the coastal area.

Mayor of Bor Aleksandar Milikic tells IST Media that local government in Bor will protect the interests of fellow citizens, but also respect the decisions of the Republic, which is responsible for issuing permits for the construction of SHPP.

The residents of Zlot and Sumrkovac threatened to block roads and bridges on the territory of Bor and Boljevac if the construction of mini-hydropower plants on the Zlotska River continues.


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