Serbia: Construction of the plant for wastewater treatment in TENT A

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Quality water for ecosystemAll treated water has to be of such quality that it may be released to the Sava River, be at the quality level of the second category.

Construction of the plant for wastewater treatment in thermal power plant “Nikola TeslaA” in Obrenovac is coming to its end, which represents for PE EPS another importantcontribution to environmental improvement.

The importance of this ecological project iseven higher as it is being implemented in thermal power plant with the largest thermalcapacities in the entire Serbian energy sector.- All the treated water has to be of such quality that it may be released to the SavaRiver, i.e. to be at the quality level of the second category.

Such water is safe forthe entire eco-system of the river, as well as for swimming. The quality of treatedwaters must be within the MAC allowed limits prescribed by domestic legalnorms and European regulations, and this is the way it will be – emphasizes Ljiljana Velimirovic, leading engineer for pipelines in the Investment Sector ofTENT branch and this Project coordinator. All works should be completed until the end of July, except the works funded by EPS.

The plants financed from the EU funds must be completed, tested and handedover for use until the said deadline, by order of Brussels, which means that allthese plants have to be functionally enabled to operate and to achieve all thoseoutput parameters of treated water according to the requests of tenderdocuments. Training of the staff that will be in charge of the plants G1 and FGD is ongoing.
One-month trial operation is followed byguarantee tests, plant taking-over and one-year warranty period. The contractoris then obliged to remedy all possible defects – clarifies Ljiljana Velimirovic.
FGD plant is the only one that will not be in operation upon the expiry of the trialoperation, since the flue gas desulphurization system has not been built yet andit will have to be conserved after the test.
At the moment, we have discussions with the suppliers of equipment who will tellus in which way to carry out the conservation in order to protect the plant untildesulphurization system is built.

In the meantime, TENT team of experts visitedSlovenia, where a pilot plant is made identical to our FGD plant. Results showedthat this plant for water treatment might separate sulphates and nitrates and treatwater so to bring it to the MAC values prescribed by the law – emphasized Ljiljana Velimirovic.Wastewater treatment will be performed in a few plants, located in TENT A withinthe range of 3 km.

Each of them will treat different types of waste watersproduced in thermal power plant: coal containing, heavy fuel oil containing, oilcontaining waste waters, then sanitary waters, as well as waste waters that will be produced within the process of flue gas desulphurization. Total value of theproject is 9.5 million euros.
Six million euros is provided by EU donation, while 3.5 million euros is provided by PE EPS.Consortium for great jobConsortium of “Esotek” from Velenje, as the leader, and MPP “Jedinstvo” a.d.Sevojno is selected as contractor, with whom the contract was signed in July2014. The plant works began on May 25th 2015.In numbersCapacity of the plant for coal containing wastewater treatment is 150 m³/h,of the plant for oil containing wastewater treatment 500 m³/h.

Capacity of the plant for treatment of waste waters that are by-produced withinthe process of flue gas desulphurization is 100 m³/h.

Surface of the entire plant is slightly higher than 1000 m². Concrete madeperimeter canal surrounding the entire coal supply area is around 1.5 km longand is used as accumulating sump of 250 m³.

For construction of the largest FGD facilities, G1 and perimeter canal excludingU1, 3,700 m³ of concrete and 340 tons ofreinforcement are used.
Source: EPS Energija

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