Serbia: EPS Kostolac Wind Farm Construction Project

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A lot of studies needed for the preparation of the project for construction of wind farm.Preparation of feasibility study for the construction of wind farm in Kostolac is ongoingand its completion is expected in October.

Electric Power Industry of Serbia is to facea series of new activities after that. Predrag Djordjevic, Senior Project Manager in the Key Investment Projects Department of EPS, says that these activities represent part of creation of technicalconditions for wind farm construction.

Proving construction feasibility and preparingpreliminary design is followed by preparation of tender documents for procurement ofequipment and works. Serbia has important electricity generation from hydropower, but share of other types ofrenewable energy sources is very small.
Therefore, the use of renewable energysources in future generation represents for EPS an important step forward in electricitygeneration.

The answer that Djordjevic gave to the question what has been done so far was that thelocation has been selected and wind turbines have been positioned.

A multiyear processof research works and detailed calculations is done on the site, based on which themost efficient configuration of the wind farm is being done.

Study “Monitoring of birds and bats on the site of construction of the wind farmKostolac” has been prepared so far. The study represents collected and analysedresults of one year’s birds and bats monitoring finished in November 2015.

EPSaccepted principle of preventive planning in the function of protection of birds and bats –explained Djordjevic.

This principle comprises an early identification of potentialconflicts between construction and operation of the planned wind farm and preservationand survival of birds and bats and timely reaction.
The study has shown that allpositions of wind generators defined by actual plan are completely suitable forconstruction and operation. The study has been done in accordance with the standardsof the European Union.
The wind farm is foreseen to be located in eastern Serbia, in the area of Kostolac coalbasin, around 90 km from Belgrade.

Potential locations for construction of the windfarm in Kostolac basin are abandonedmining facilities and external overburden landfills created at the occasion of opening ofopen cast mines “Cirikovac” and “Drmno”, as well as spaces of closedopen cast mines “Cirikovac” (2010) and “Klenovnik”.

According to the previous feasibility study with preliminary design for construction ofwind farm in Kostolac, total potential surface area of the windfarm is around 50 km².Partial surface areas of specific locations of the wind farm are significantly smaller. Theyvary within the range from 1.5 km² up to 10 km².
Our interviewee says that the results of the previous feasibility study have shown that itis possible to build wind farm of 20 turbines of total installed capacity of 50 – 60 MW inthis area. The lifetime of the wind farm is projected to 20 to 25 years, and characteristicsof the terrain reflect very favourable selection of location.
The land, which is property ofthe Republic of Serbia is administrated by EPS, i.e. it is administrated by its branch“TPP-OCM Kostolac”, and thus there is no property issue.
Funding Due to the importance of wind farm construction related to utilization of renewablesfor electricity generation, the project is included in the list of projects that are beingdeveloped within the negotiations on development cooperation between thegovernments of Serbia and Germany held in the period 2011 – 2015. There is a lot ofwork until the final determination of the manner of financing, emphasizes Djordjevic.
Source; EPS Energija