Serbia, EPS intends to shut down ten units in its thermal power plants from 2025 to 2035

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This means that by 2035, the EPS will reduce the capacity of the existing thermal power plants, which now generate two-thirds of domestic electricity production, from 5,171 MW to 4,077 MW. The use of coal in the production of electricity is reduced in all scenarios envisaged by the Go Green Plan.

Closing the aforementioned thermal power plant units will result in a reduction of CO2 per MWh from 0.86 tonnes in 2019 to 0.51 tonnes in 2035.

The Plan implies investments of 8.5 billion euros, of which 2.2 billion euros will be spent on the reconstruction of electricity and coal production capacities, 5.8 billion euros for the construction of replacement and new capacities, and 500 million euros for environmental protection. EPS also plans to invest 4.8 billion euros in renewable energy sources.

EPS has already started drafting projects for the construction of solar power plants at the sites of ash pits of the Moravaand Kolubara A thermal power plants, and there is also an idea for the Morava Thermal Power Plant to start using solely gas, Serbian Monitor reports.

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