Serbia: EU donates 6MEUR for waster water treatment in TPP Nikola Tesla

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The works on the facility construction for water treatment at TENT A have begun thanks to a donation from the European Union worth 6 MEUR in the branch Thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla”(TENT).

The aim of this important environmental project is that all waters from the site TENT A which go into the Sava River be brought to the level prescribed by European Union standards. At the same time it was ensured that some of the treated water, after treatment, be reused in power plants.

After the preparatory works, the location recording and project drafting, recently it has started realization of this work entrusted to a consortium, consisting of “Esotech” from Velenje in Slovenia and “Jedinstvo” from Uzice.

The project, otherwise, includes five sections, and each involves treatment of various types of wastewater. Thus, within the first section it will be made bio disc reconstruction and by this it will be provided that domestic water discharged into the Sava River be bacteriological completely correct.

It is also planned, that all the wastewater from TENT A parking be treated and separated from them: oil, gasoline, lubricant particles, as well as any other impurities that pollute water coming from sites that contain a large number of motor vehicles.

Purification of turbid water is another important entity that includes the treatment of water coming from the boiler room and fuel oil station. Extracting heavy oil particles from water is the main goal of this part of the project. Currently works are carried out on all three of the continent, and at a later stage will be also made plants for treatment of coal polluted wastewater, and wastewater from desulphurization.

Purification of coal polluted water is treatment of water coming from the slanted bridges, from the coal delivery and garages bulldozers working on coal dumps. Construction of the plant for wastewater from desulphurization will begin in 2016th and thus it will make another important step towards the beginning of the great project of desulphurization on the location of TENT A.

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