Serbia gets new wind farm producing power for 45,000 homes

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Serbia got another wind farm when the MK Fintel Wind’s Kosava facility started power production.

The wind farm located just outside the northern town of Vrsac near the border with Romania has 69 megawatts of installed power and can meet the power needs of some 45,000 households, a press release said.

MK Fintel Wind CEO Tiziano Giovannetti said that the wind farm cost 118 million Euro to build, adding that a second stage of construction was underway while Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic said that Serbia leads the region in new wind power projects. The minister said that 379 MW of installed power from renewable sources were producing electricity for the country’s power grid.

MK Fintel Wind is also planning to build another wind farm with 600 MW of installed power in the Sombor area. The company opened Serbia’s first wind farm Kula in 2015 with 9.9 MW of installed power and the La Piccolina wind farm with 6.6 MW of installed power a year later.

Serbia’s strategic goal in the power industry is to have 27 percent of power generated from renewable sources by 2020.


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