Negotiations between the Government of Serbia, Mercedes, Rio Tinto and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development are approaching a final agreement

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That project involves the construction of an electric car factory that would use lithium batteries, which would be mined by Rio Tinto. SEOS says that they have listened to those stories and that they will not allow lithium mining in the Loznica region.

According to Demostat, the secret document that revives the Jadar project and lithium mining will be signed in the coming period. Ivana Petronijević Terzić from Demostat explains that supposedly one of Serbia’s conditions for mining lithium was the construction of a factory for electric cars or a factory for batteries.

“The conditions for the construction of the factory are actually that lithium is mined here in Serbia and that Serbian foreign policy follows EU policy, i.e. that Serbia harmonizes with EU foreign and security policy, since investors need to have a safe space and market in which would do business”, explains Petronijević Terzić.

The arrival of Mercedes should supposedly encourage other investors to come to Serbia. Opposition MPs believe that these investors will take the largest part of the profits, and that Serbia will remain a polluted country.

Member of the People’s Party Miroslaiv Aleksić says that Mercedes will come to Serbia if we “hand over Kosovo” and impose sanctions on Russia.

“We will become a mining colony where Mercedes will operate, and Aleksandar Vučić, who betrays Serbian national interests, will remain in power.” That’s what it means,” he fears.

“Vučić is just stuck for Gazela to happen to him again”

Aleksandar Jovanović Ćuta, member of the “Moramo – Zajedno” coalition, wonders why Mercedes in Germany does not invest in the lithium business, since Germany has the largest reserves of this mineral in Europe.

“Many vultures roamed and are still roaming around Gornje Nedeljice and around that lithium, I see now that the bear has also started roaming around.” I can see that Vučić is really stuck on Gazela happening to him again! Everything they agree to is negotiated for nothing, the people who live there and who feed us have not been asked anything, there will be another rebellion,” promises Jovanović.

“No one will dig in Jadar, Jadar will not be Kosovo”

The residents of Nedeljica say that they have heard stories from the Government and the President about the arrival of new factories and that they do not believe that the project will be realized.

“No one will dig in Jadar, Jadar will not be Kosovo,” says Marijana Petković from SEOS.

“Rađevina, Jadar, Praljani, Rekovac and the following almost 14 percent of the territory will not become the property of foreign companies and foreigners,” she said explicitly.
Petković concludes that they will stay where they are, that they will engage in agriculture and that no one will mine lithium, reports N1.

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