Serbia: Green party pushes for extension of moratorium on nuclear power in Serbia

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The Green party of Serbia will use the Chernobyl catastrophic nuclear accident anniversary to highlight the deleterious effects of the nuclear energy use. MP (Member of Parliament) and president of the Greens of Serbia, Ivan Karic, submitted a request for extension of the twenty five years’ moratorium, or he will submit a proposal for the adoption of the new Law on the Prohibition of the nuclear power plant construction in the Republic of Serbia. The moratorium expired at the end of last year. Such a prohibition would enable more decisive focus of the decision-makers on renewable energy.

The Greens of Serbia argue that we need an energy system that can cope with climate change, based on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. In Serbia, there is no scientific professional staff to build and operate in such facilities, and we would have to import the fuel. The biggest problem is the impact on the environment and human health, because science has not yet found a way for the safe disposal of nuclear waste. Since the 50s of XX century were identified over 30 incidents in nuclear power plants which show that this method of obtaining energy is very unsafe.

We are committed to stop the spread of nuclear power plants and the closure of the existing ones, and for the expansion of clean, safe, renewable energy sources. Globally the nuclear energy already has a smaller share than renewable energy sources, and this share will continue to decline in the coming years. The accident in Fukushima has been followed by a new wave of shutdowns of nuclear power plants. The Greens around the world always fought – and will continue to fight – vigorously against nuclear energy because we believe that it is an unacceptable risk to the environment and humanity, that is unprofitable and unnecessary.

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