Serbia: Implementation of EBRD/KfW financed 182MEUR Green credit project in Kolubara mine company

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Environmental protection and improvement in Kolubara coal basin project is underway. The total project cost amounts to € 182 million. In addition to the EBRD, KfW Bank and EPS also participate in its funding.

In the forthcoming period, the intensification of works on the erection of the excavator is expected, followed by the accelerated receipt of a large part of the equipment, while at several points in “Metal” works on some parts of the structure are being performed.

Within the Package A of the project “Environmental protection and improvement in Kolubara coal basin”, which includes design, production and mounting of ECS system for the future open pit mine Field “C”, the delivery of the equipment and works on the erection yard are well underway. This package, being worth € 80 million, is financed by the loan of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and is a part of a broader project which consists of the Spreader (Package B) and the Coal Quality Management System (Package C). The total project cost amounts to € 182 million. In addition to the EBRD, KfW Bank and EPS also participate in its funding.

Works on the erection of the excavator, with the capacity of 6.600 cubic meters per hour, which is included in the Package A1, have started in February. The Contractor on this part of the project is the company “ThyssenKrupp”. The scope of delivery of the equipment, especially the part which “Kolubara Metal” is responsible for, has enabled the start of the erection.

– Lately, the receipt of the equipment has been intensified, especially from “Kolubara metal”, so parts necessary for the erection are being successively delivered. We had a greater scope of receipt of the equipment, especially excavator’s transport mechanisms, as well as substructure elements, on the 18th of March, which enabled the intensifying of the erection process – says Dobrivoje Stefanović, Project Manager for Package A.
The delivery of the equipment from abroad is being carried out in accordance with the plan. The largest part of this equipment consists of electrical and mechanical parts, while the main part of the steel structure is being made in “Kolubara Metal”. One part of the work has been entrusted to the domestic company “Lola Montavar”.

As for the Package A2 (four conveyors with a belt length of five kilometers and a platform for carrying drive stations), a significant progress compared to the previous period has been noted. Much of the equipment has arrived on the erection yard, the entire conveyors route has been delivered, the steel structure of the first drive station has been fully positioned and the welding is being performed. At the same time, works on mounting of the second drive station have started.

– As the project continues, there is a possibility of delivering larger pieces using oversized transportation from the factory “Goša”, which manufactures the main steel structure of drive stations. Looking at the previous projects in RB “Kolubara”, where the station was delivered in smaller positions, now there are practically three large major positions of drive stations, which reduces the time needed for their mounting on the erection yard – explains Stefanović.

In parallel with the main steel structure, the equipment from abroad is arriving: conveyor belts, pulleys … On the erection yard, there are hundreds of segments that are being successively mounted, so the conditions have been met for them to be dispatched to the route of the future conveyor.

In late April, the commencement of works on electrical mounting on the first, and then on the second drive station is expected. According to the promise of the Contractor, the company “Kopex”, the whole project should be implemented in accordance with the plan.
As for the Spreader, within the Package A3 (the Contractor being “Sandvik”), the greatest progress has been made, both in terms of the equipment delivery and the implementation of planned activities. The substructure was fully delivered in November last year, and after that the slew deck steel structure, crawler chains and frames – crawler supports as well.
Much of the equipment is in its final stage of production, so it can be said that practically around three-quarters of the project have been completed. As expected, and in accordance with the contract, the spreader should be fully accepted and put into operation by the end of the year.

Good dynamics

As for the power supply system included in Package A4, the Contractor, the domestic company “Montprojekt”, adapts to the dynamics at which other parts of the project advance. Last year in September, the construction works, geodetic surveying and mounting of supports for portals started. Foundations for portals, as well as portals themselves, foundations for container plants have been placed, and cables laying is expected to start soon, as well as the delivery of containers in which the equipment will be installed.

Source; EPS

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