Serbia power utility EPS on Drmno community

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EPS released an official statement about the problems faced by the Drmno residents due Drmno mine, to which attention was drawn by CEKOR NGO.

As stated, EPS and its branch TE-KO Kostolac fully comply with all legal and other environmental, public health and property expropriation obligations in Kostolac.

“Research presented to the public was not performed by accredited institutions and contains false information and one-sided conclusions showing the intention of tarnishing the reputation of EPS without facts. If the research data, presented by the non-governmental organization – CEKOR, are properly interpreted, the percentage of the population of the village of Drmno with heart disease is lower than the average for Serbia. More than 30 percent of people in Serbia suffer from chronic high blood pressure, while in Drmno this percentage is between 18 and 23 percent,” the statement said.

It was also added that claims about the lack continuous environmental impact monitoring of the TE-KO Kostolac were also not true.

“Analysis of air and sulphur dioxide measurements are conducted daily in cooperation with the accredited institutions. According to the latest report by the Environmental Protection Agency, Kostolac and its surroundings are not among the areas with poor air quality. Tendentiously presented data from a survey of households in the village of Drmno associated respiratory illnesses of the population with their employment at the TE-KO Kostolac, while ignoring findings of the environmental impact assessment study, prepared by the accredited professionals. The study says that large settlements, regional traffic and boilers and furnaces during the winter period have a significant impact on local air pollution,” EPS says.

It was also noted that investments exceeding 150 million euros were aimed at environmental protection in Kostolac.

“EPS and its branch TE-KO Kostolac have demonstrated their care of citizens and social responsibility a few years ago, when a drinking water treatment plant was built supplying water of excellent quality near the village of Drmno. However, the Pozarevac Waterworks has not yet taken over and commissioned this water treatment plant which would considerably improve water quality inside the public water supply network and increase water pressure during the summer months. EPS and its branch TE-KO Kostolac have so far fulfilled all legal obligations concerning expropriation. Mining and disposal operations of the Drmno mine are conducted in accordance with the valid design documentation,” EPS says.

EPS stresses that the resettlement of Drmno was not set as a condition in any of a number of documents, analyses and studies carried out for the needs of the Drmno open cast mine, as well as for the entire area of the Kostolac Coal Basin.

It adds that land expropriation for mining operations at the Drmno mine was performed in full compliance with the Expropriation Law.

Let us remind you that CEKOR published a survey of the Drmno residents in which they complained about the poor living conditions due to the Drmno open cast mine operations.