Serbia: The impact of renewable energy on the environment

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The role of wind power plants in electricity production in Serbia is
still at the beginning, but renewable energy and wind power are
becoming more interesting topics.  It is because the energy crisis and
climate change, and Serbia demonstrate the need to increase their
share in the total balance of electricity production. Design and
operation of wind power plants is a relatively new and unknown field
in the professional and general public of Serbia and therefore a
multitude of auxiliary aspects not precisely regulated by laws or
engineering practice.

The production of electricity from wind power plants contrubutes to
reducing carbon dioxide emissions , but require an assessment of
different environmental impact. Especially relating to the protection
of  birds and  bats, noise produced by wind turbines generating units
. Reducing emissions of carbon dioxide can be of significant value if
installed capacities reach a respectable value. Prevent of minimize
negative impacts  on the environment , especially on the fauna and
residential zones, demands the implementation of feasibility analysis.
The goal is to identify potential conflicts that would  then  followed
by field analysis and monitoring of existing species of birds and
bats and their habitats, as well as software simulation of the
expected noise level. During this process, it is necessary to comply
with legislative regulations and good practice examples, and it is to
be engaged staff with proven experience. The results are used to
optimize the designed solution that would, in the final design
solution, should have a satisfactory production characteristics , and
that the least negative impact on the environment.

Correct and analytical approach can avoid mistakes which would lead to
reductions of production and use of compromise solutions which
comprise the compliance of complex parameters obtained research works
and existing software tools.

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