Serbia “waiting for EU approval to sell steel plant”

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Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Thursday that the process of privatization of the steelworks in Smederevo was nearing completion.
Its outcome depends on the European Union giving its consent to carry on with it, he said.

According to earlier statements from the government, the Chinese company HBIS is interested in acquiring Zelezara Smederevo.

“The Chinese are interested in Zelezara and we have negotiated with them the longest,” Vucic said in Smederevo today.

They “want to come and privatize it. We expect support from the EU here, and if we don’t get it, we will be in serious trouble,” said the prime minister.

Vucic said that selling Zelezara Smederevo would save Serbia, but we needed the EU to approve the sale because it was a question of the so-called “state aid and other issues that the EU imposes on Serbia.”


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