In Serbia, waste incineration in cement plants is not allowed

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Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, during the visit to Kosjerić, said that it is not allowed to burn municipal waste in cement plants because the amendments to the Law on Waste Management have not been adopted.

She said this about the protest, organized by the Kosjerić Ecological Movement with the support of the municipal authorities, in which the citizens expressed a sharp opposition to the intention of the Titan cement factory in that town to burn municipal waste in its plants and use it as a fuel in the production process.

Citizens have for a long time indicated that poisonous products of municipal waste burning at that factory, owned by the Greek Titan group, will endanger the environment and health of the inhabitants of Kosjerić and its surroundings, as well as destroying the agricultural production and tourist development of that municipality. In particular, they were bitterly criticized by the decision of the Ministry of Construction, which gave Titan cement plant in that town last year a permit for the construction of a dosing plant and the use of fuels generated by incineration of solid waste.

– Due to citizens’ protests, the Government of Serbia has not adopted amendments to the Law on Waste Management, and this cannot be done in Serbia yet. We are also talking to the citizens and the representatives of the cement factory to see how to find the best solution – to remain jobs, but not to endanger the environment, and everything is still in the domain of the conversation, the Prime Minister said, confirming that Zarko Djokić, the Mayor of Kosjerić Municipality handed the letter to the Kosjerić Environmental Movement.

– The problem is that all cement plants in Serbia are asking us to allow them to burn municipal waste in order to use it as an energy source. This is allowed to them all over Europe and this is something that makes their production in Serbia much less competitive. It’s always quite probable – to be competitive or to protect the environment. The representatives of the cement factory gave us all assurances that this, because of the filters and the way waste of municipal waste burns, will not endanger the environment, the Prime Minister said.