Serbia: Why isn’t Lupnjaca and Morava river pollution investigated?

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Ozonpress readers have notified and sent pictures showing the pollution of the Lupnjaca and West Morava rivers. As a medium seeking to inform the public about possible health hazards, they published the text, and the head of the department of hygiene and human ecology, Dr. Vesna Sumanov, stated: Assessment and analysis of rivers wasn’t done because we didn’t get request from inspection services, we did not have a report from citizens that pollution had occurred. ”

Recognizing the fact that those responsible at the Public Health Institute of Cacak cannot “chase” the pollution, and that city officials have not seen the pollution from their heavy duty to promote the “Future of Serbia” politician’s campaign, the fact remains that Dr. Sumanov, in a statement to the media, stated that they did not have information about the pollution at the Institute, from the moment when the journalists asked her she became aware that there was pollution.

If you are the head of a department whose profession is to “record, collect and analyze data on the health risk factors of people present in the environment with proposed measures to improve the situation” – what is your obligation when you receive pollution information?

Conscientiously and morally responsible people would inform all institutions that are competent and directly related to the situation (republic inspector, assistant mayor for environmental protection, mayor…) and all would work together according to the prescribed procedure for solving problems and protecting human health. And least of all, it would determine who the sampling and analysis would pay for.

Conscientious and morally responsible people at the Public Health Institute and city government would not question whether sampling should or should not be done because they have an obligation to “prepare, plan and implement environmental monitoring and conservation programs.”

Whether they have done any of this will raise questions in the coming days.

Until a few months ago, we had clear and precise information on the Institute’s records, with clear results and clear recommendations. There is hardly any information today that does not provide vital information to citizens about the state of rivers.

The city of Cacak, an environmental-funded site that was funded and designed to inform the public about environmental parameters in the city, the results of surface water testing were last released in May this year.

Although we often say that nothing can surprise us more, progressive power always proves us the opposite.

After a series of unsuccessful attempts to somehow seemingly get the correct results of surface waters, with no recorded pollution they resorted to a new method: pollution did not happen if it was not measured.

But it is surprising that they expect citizens and us in the media to remain silent while poisoning us.


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