Serbian Loznica town awaits Rio Tinto lithium mine exploration

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A decade and a half after the discovery of a unique mineral, there is still no major use of it. Serbia could meet 10 %of global demand. Already in first stage of exploitation, up to 1,000 people would get employed.

SERBIA is still the only place in the world where kryptonite is found, by 2004, the fictional mineral from the planet Krypton from Superman film series. After this news, which “doomed” in the entire world before more than a decade, a unique mineral finding not only remained at the level of – daily world news.
People of Loznica, where the mineral is found, rename it to “jadarit”, after the nearby River- Jadar, and they are seriously getting ready for digging it and provide more than ten percent of the world demand for batteries and electric vehicles. When exactly excavation will start, and whether residents will wait to “fill their pockets” from this new invention – no one can say.
A mineral composed of lithium and boron, which are widely used in industry, however, was founded 12 years ago, by geologists of the private company “Rio Tinto “, a daughter company of “Rio Tinto Group”. Investigation works are currently in progress, of which Serbia, by the end of 2017, will directly obtain $ 20 million, and this company has already invested, so far, 70 million dollars in the “Jadar”.project.
They supply the third of Earth – Company “Rio Tinto Minerals” operates within the “Rio Tinto Group”, which covers 30 percent of world supplies of refined borates from its mine in the Mojave Desert, in California, one of the richest boron deposits in the world. Borates are the key ingredient in hundreds of products, including glass, glass fibers, ceramics, fertilizers, wood preservatives and detergents
– Jadar deposit is lithium and boron deposit of world class quality, and is among the largest lithium deposits in the world – according to the “Rio Tinto”. – Serbia is still the only place in the world where jadarit is found, and in case it would be developed, the “Jadar” project, will include a modern mine and ore processing plant, and it could supply more than 10 percent of the world demand for lithium in further production purposes. There are ongoing studies in process, to determine the optimal size of future operations, which would work with existing borate mine, owned by “Rio Tinto Minerals'” in South California.
People of Loznica and surrounding villages of Slatine, Jarebica, Stupnice, Draginca, are satisfied by any further steps, because only in the first stage of ore exploitation, 800 to 1,000 people will be employed.
– In the case of finalization and mineral exploitation, it will not only be a big deal for Loznica, but for the entire Serbia – says Vidoje Petrovic, Mayor of Loznica. – I cannot speak about exact figures, and how much money our country could accurately gain from the mining rent, but it is about global lithium supplies, which could bring new jobs, worth several billion dollars. We will employ miners, diggers, technicians, and engineers. Loznica could become a center of technical achievements in the region, but we must think about new personnel with secondary education that we would trained for this job.
Petrovic added that the city has good cooperation with “Rio Tinto”. All in the hope of mutual benefits.
– In early 2016, the company “Rio Tinto” has approved the funds necessary for completion of Pre-Feasibility Study of lithium and boron “Jadar” project in Serbia, and the Government of the Republic of Serbia has recently extended the approval for geological investigations on this project – people from “Rio Tinto” said. – By the end of 2017, the project team of our company will prepare a number of studies, in order estimate as precisely as possible, the technical, environmental, economic and social sustainability of the project.

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