Serbian minister assures that exploitation of jadarite will be done only if it meets environmental standards

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Two new laws are on the agenda – on renewable sources and on energy efficiency and rational use of energy, and amendments to two laws, on energy and the Law on Mining and Geological Research.

The Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, stated that “the technology of exploitation of jadarite, ie lithium from jadarite ore, will be clean and healthy or will not be done”.

In the Serbian Parliament, she told citizens “to trust their state, which will never make the wrong decision regarding the safety and health of citizens.”

Mihajlovic said that the so-called experts and so-called organizations scare people and tell them that life in Jadar will disappear, that water from the Drina will disappear, even though they themselves do not know what the plants will look like at all.

“It looks like the period when the law was passed in 1881 to build the Belgrade-Nis-Vranje railway, and one part of the populists then warned the people that there would be no life next to the railway, that they would not give birth and that women living next to the railway would not have children. Those were the official statements of certain politicians,” the minister said in the Assembly.

She announced that decisions would be made “only when Serbia has all the studies on how to explore jadarite, ie lithium”, and assessed that the attacks on lithium exploitation projects are political. In the morning part of the debate, the deputies of the Assembly of Serbia announced that they would vote on the set of energy laws that the Minister explained.