Serbia’s energy laws “in keeping with European laws”

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Serbia’s legislation in the energy sector is fully aligned with EU regulations, Director of the Energy Community Secretariat Janez Kopac said.

Serbia is the most progressive and most developed country in the region in terms of opening of the electricity and gas market and it respects the obligations from the contract on the Energy Community of South-East Europe to the greatest extent, Kopac told reporters in the Serbian parliament.

He recalled that Serbia adopted a new law on energy last year in which it integrated the regulations of the European Third Energy Package, and underscored that bylaws need to be adopted and for the implementation of regulations to begin.

Functional separation of activities of distribution from the production and gas supply are also necessary, Kopac said presenting the European Community’s report on Serbia’s progress in energy for 2014/2015.

He expressed satisfaction that this would happen in the next few months.

Kopac announced that the next Community’s Ministerial Council would be held in Tirana on October 16 and it will also cover the Community reform and constitution of the parliamentary plenum as a new mode of cooperation between the countries in the region in the energy sector.


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