Slovenia: After all corruption and environment issues Alstom gets acceptance for TPP Sostanj 6 unit

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Alstom has received the Provisional Acceptance Certificate (PAC) for the 600MW ultra-supercritical Unit 6 at Šoštanj power plant, in north-eastern Slovenia. The unit has now started commercial operation, generating approximately one third of Slovenia’s power production, thus allowing the country to ensure its energy independence.

The new Unit 6 is Slovenia’s first power plant with ultra-supercritical equipment, achieving the highest possible efficiency using local fuel. Thanks to Alstom’s innovative technology, the plant has also an exceptional net efficiency rate of 43%. This high efficiency contributes to minimise environmental impact byreducing CO2 emissions by 20% compared to the existing units. In addition, SOx emissions are reduced by 55% and NOx emissions by 53%.

“This project is a very good example of successful collaboration with our customer TEŠ and of efficient cooperation between many Alstom sites throughout Europe -says Jérôme Poupon, Šoštanj Project Director. With 600°C at 270 bars,Šoštanj Unit 6 will be the power plant with the highest supercritical steam parameters within Alstom’s installed base.”

Alstom signed a contract with Termolektrarna Šoštanjd.o.o. (TEŠ), in 2008, to supply the complete power island of the new Šoštanj Unit 6, comprising the steam turbine, generator set, water-steam cycle, the boiler and the ALSPA distributed control system, which will also be added to the existing Šoštanj power plant units.

The Unit 6 investment is part of a strategic plan by TEŠ, to enhance power generation while maintaining the planned consumption of coal, achieve compliance with Slovenia’s Kyoto protocol commitments, reduce electric power generation costs and help secure the future economic viability of the power sector in the Šaleska valley, including the nearby Premogovnik Velenje coal mine.

Alstom has previously installed two 114 MW gas turbines in Slovenia (228 MW in total) as well as several steam turbines both for electricity production and district heating, and is executing service contracts in the country. Alstom has already carried out work on the Šoštanj power plant, modernising the boiler for unit 5, in order to reduce emissions and meet environmental requirements.

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