Slovenia’s Kolektor opens five SHPPs in Macedonia

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Slovenia’s Kolektor said on Thursday it has officially opened five small hydro power plants on the river Bosava in the Macedonian municipality of Kavadarci.

The company said in a press release the project, led by Kolektor’s unit Turboinstitut, included the reconstruction and an increase of supply canal capacity from the water reservoir on the Bosava river to the irrigation system, an extension of the supply canal to the system of the small hydroelectric power plants and the construction of the plants.

The concession for the project was awarded under a public-private partnership. Construction and other works were completed in less than two year in cooperation with local contractors, Kolektor added.

The completed system will provide water supply for the municipalities of Kavadarci, Rosoman and Negotino in Macedonia, while the five plants are expected to produce more than 33 GWh of electricity annually.

The company said it intends to continue investing in similar facilities in Macedonia.

In the last 20 years, Kolektor Turboinstitut has supplied electro-mechanical equipment for more than 15 small hydroelectric power plants and has participated in the reconstruction of six large hydroelectric power plants in Macedonia alone.

The Kolektor Group spans automotive, energy, industrial and building technology.


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