Stop all illegal activities of Rio Sava Exploration and review the verbal approvals they received from Serbian officials

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The Association for the Protection of Jadar and Radjevina and the Coalition for Sustainable Mining in Serbia ask in a statement whether it is a coincidence that the relevant ministry under the jurisdiction of Zorana Mihajlovic is responsible for opening the mine ” Jadar ‘”.

The statement states:

As we have reliable information about the purchase of land from the locals in the village of Brnjac on the territory of the town of Loznica, and for the needs of building an electricity transformer for the needs of the planned lithium mine, we have several questions and requests for the authorities.

First, on the basis of what, how and why the illegal construction continues for a project that is now evidently against the public interest of the Republic of Serbia, at a time when studies have not yet been completed, there is no other indication that studies will pass at all and that the project will be approved? We remind you that the project has not been finalized, the exact structure is not known, there is no environmental impact assessment, there are no exploitation permits.

Is it a coincidence that the competent ministry under the authority of Zorana Mihajlovic is responsible for the opening of the mine, which has now obviously prepared the ground for the “Jadar” project through its previous ministries?

Is it a coincidence that she was in G17 + at the time of the disputed company’s arrival in the Republic of Serbia, then through all her political work until today she was acquainted with the “Jadar” project, so the Minister of Construction, Infrastructure and Transport was when the mentioned ministry approves the Spatial Plan of the special purpose area for the project “Jadar” in a criminal and illegal way? When the criminal PPPPN is adopted, it becomes the Minister of Mining and Energy, because that ministry continues the continuity of the previous one regarding the “Jadar” project and should now approve exploitation permits.

We demand that all illegal activities of Rio Sava Exploration be urgently stopped and that the oral approvals obtained by the same company from the officials of the Republic of Serbia be reviewed (to examine exactly which ones), that the director of Rio Sava Exploration be heard in UKP and Republika Srpska. to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and to stop financing the infrastructure for the project of a foreign private company from our money and to our detriment, because it is obvious that Rio Sava Exploration has no permit for further activities in the field except research.

We also demand from the Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office to urgently interrogate Minister Zorana Mihajlovic, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and, if necessary, other participants in the same criminal and violent implementation of the “Jadar” project and inform the Serbian public as soon as possible. temporary closure of the Rio Sava Exploration Representative Office in the city of Loznica.

If Rio Sava Exploration continues with the same activities without respecting Serbian laws, we will believe that we, the citizens of Serbia, ie. the inhabitants of Jadar and Radjevina have, if not more, the same rights to behave just like the Rio Sava exploration, and then you have to agree with us where it broke.



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