The battle for the Belgrade water source is just beginning

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Makisko polje is a Belgrade water source that will be directly endangered by construction, and the citizens of Belgrade will be left not only without drinking water, but also without technical water.

Expert teams of the Battle of Kosutnjak, the People’s Party, the Free Serbia Movement, the Serbian Movement Dveri, the Civic Platform and the Liberation Movement, organizations gathered to defend Belgrade’s main water source in Makis, state that the next battle begins in Paris with the departure of Aleksandar Vucic, Sinisa Mali and Goran Vesic. water war. They state that the French people, throughout history a traditional ally of Serbia, due to the non-publication of the right information, are obviously not aware of the great risk that comes with the construction of a depot on the Makisko polje.

It is pointed out that the French people do not even know the real truth that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who sells property and strategic resources of Serbian citizens by trampling on all existing laws and human rights, uses corrupt state institutions and parapolice formations due to corrupt investor urban projects.

In order to prevent “this criminal enterprise of the authorities in Serbia”, these organizations turned to the French company “Alstom”, for which it is not known how it got to work on such a large project, and through the French embassy they warned the French people. These organizations question whether the President of France would have the courage to do such a project at the Paris water source and what would be the reaction of the citizens of Paris to that. The statement reminds the domestic and foreign public that after the recent democratic changes, all contracts that are determined to be harmful, or whose legal basis is an illegal parliamentary decision, will be annulled.

“All accomplices in this criminal enterprise will be held accountable before the law. That includes the citizens of foreign countries, whose companies and institutions we have already officially warned that they will be accomplices “, it is emphasized in the announcement of the Battle for Kosutnjak.