The Coalition for Sustainable Mining of Serbia demands that the National Bank not buy gold from Zijin

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The Coalition for Sustainable Mining in Serbia (KORS) sent a request to the Council of Governors of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) not to buy gold from the Chinese company Zijin until that company begins to fully comply with Serbian law.

“Considering that the NBS previously informed us that it buys gold from the company Zijin at world market prices, we believe that it is inadmissible for Serbia to charge ore rents below the world average at the same time,” the statement said.

As it was announced, the NBS should not buy gold at world prices because Zijin also refuses to buy properties from the citizens of Serbia at market prices, on whose land it opens, expands mines and builds production capacities.

“Zijin not only refuses to buy the land of our people at the market price, but also refuses to accept the assigned price of the tax administration,” the statement reads.

The KORS association added that ‘’Zijin is forcing the locals into long and expensive trials as if they were obliged to pay homage to their grandfather.”

“When Zijin also buys property at market prices, when he fulfills his obligations according to world market standards, when he increases and does not decrease the engaged labor force of Serbian workers, then there can be talk of buying our gold from” Zijin “at world prices. market prices “, stated from KORS.

It was also requested that this request be included in the agenda of the next session of the Governor of the NBS and that the decision of this corrective body be made public.



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