The cogeneration contribution in Romania to increase by 40% from November 1st

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Since 2010, 2 billion euros have been collected in the name of this tax. The contribution for efficient cogeneration, paid by all consumers through electricity bills, has been increased according to the regulation of the Energy Regulatory Agency, and this decision has already been published in the Official Gazette.

In the future, consumers will pay a contribution for high-efficiency cogeneration in the amount of 0.02263 levs (0.00463 euros) per kWh, without VAT, it is shown in the decision of ANRE published in the Official Gazette on October 22.

The new value of the cogeneration fee enters into force on November 1, 2020, according to the same normative act. Currently, the contribution for cogeneration is 0.0161 levs (0.00329 euros) per KWh, which means that from November 1, it will increase by 40%.

The contribution for cogeneration is paid on a monthly basis by all electricity consumers, in the form of support for the production of electricity and heat in highly efficient cogeneration. The collected funds are distributed to 40 power plants. Previously, the contribution was reduced by 16% in June.

Romanian Prime Minister Orban has previously announced a reduction in this contribution. According to Orban, this tax has artificially increased the price of electricity, both for industrial consumers and for households, since 2 billion euros have been collected since 2010 on the basis of this contribution. On the other hand, little money is invested in modern and efficient cogeneration plants.