The Croatian Chamber of Agriculture demands cancellation of RES tender

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The Croatian Chamber of Agriculture (HPK) has requested the annulment of the call for tenders to encourage the production of electricity from renewable sources, issued by the Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE), warning of unclear criteria for assessing agriculture.

The chamber claims that the tender announced in July favors foreign import lobbies who import suspicious waste and process it into electricity. Therefore, they are asking the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and HROTE to include between 40 and 70 percent of biomass from their own production, along with evidence of that.

They are also looking for an advantage in obtaining quotas from solar power plants for producers who have existing plants and those who can prove a higher share of energy from their own agricultural production.

This would give a positive shift in the competitiveness of domestic production, reduce imports, reduce risk through income diversification, achieve better prices, attract more young people and create new jobs in rural areas, but also contribute to achieving the goals set by national and European regulations.

Given that the new proposal of the National Agricultural Strategy aims to increase the share of renewable energy production by 15 percent and livestock production to 35 percent, HPK believes that this tender sends the wrong message, does not use opportunities for rural development and job creation. and blocks farmers from using climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.