The largest wind farm in Serbia is expanding

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The Kovacica wind farm has 38 wind generators with an installed capacity of 104.5 MW, which can supply as many as 68,000 households. This is the largest wind farm in Serbia, which is located in the cadastral municipalities of Kovacica, Debeljaca and Crepaja, and it continues to expand.

The president of the Municipality of Kovacica, Jaroslav Hrubik, and the representative of the Israeli company “Enlight”, Milos Colic, who is also the first man of the wind farm “Kovacica”, confirmed that with their signatures.

After signing the agreement on business and technical cooperation and further expansion of “Kovacica” with new wind generators, Jaroslav Hrubik pointed out that the new investment is extremely important, as for the new employment of workers from the municipality of Kovacica, because the contract provides priority for companies from the territory. of this municipality, as well as for the budget inflow of 2 percent of the net profit realized by the wind farm “Pupin”, as is the official working name of the new wind farm.

“So far we had an annual income of 60 million dinars a year since the realization of the wind farm” Kovacica “, so I expect that we will build a wind farm” Pupin “, that income will reach 110 million annually, which will be of great use for construction of municipal infrastructure, as well as for new kindergartens, new investments in children and youth, in the future of the municipality of Kovacica “, Hrubik pointed out.

Milos Colic, a representative of “Enlight”, praised the current cooperation with the local self-government of the municipality of Kovacica, announcing new investments outside this municipality, throughout southern Banat.