The Montenegrin solar power plant Briska gora will be twice as big as planned

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The Government of Montenegro stated that all preconditions have been created for the construction of the solar power plant Briska gora on an area of ​​925.25 hectares,  twice as much as was planned earlier. Amendments to the Spatial Urban Plan of Ulcinj propose to increase the zone for the construction of a solar power plant from 467 hectares to 925.25 hectares.

“It is proposed to increase the capacity of the solar power plant from 118 MW to 262 MW,” it is stated in the new government Information on the preparation of planning documentation for the needs of development projects.

The lack of spatial plans is the only reason for the temporary postponement of the construction of this energy facility.

The reason for making amendments to the Ulcinj RIA was the decision of the Government to lease land in the locality of Briska gora, for the exploitation of solar energy and the construction of solar systems with an installed capacity of more than 200 MW. The state-owned land lease agreement defines the construction of two phases of a solar power plant: 50 MW of installed capacity in the first phase and over 200 MW in the second phase. By building a solar power plant on Briska gora, Montenegro is making a significant contribution to the fight against global climate change and making a step towards greater energy efficiency and independence.

A solar power plant is a power facility of a higher voltage level, such as thermal and hydro power plants, the construction of which leads to the improvement of the overall electricity system of Montenegro.

The Briska gora solar power plant will be built by a consortium headed by EPCG. The ownership structure of the consortium consists of the winners of the state tender for the construction of a solar power plant: the Finnish Fortum and EPCG with a 49% share each, and the company Sterling & Wilson with 2% of shares.

The planned annual production of the solar power plant, after the completion of both phases of the project, will amount to about 450 GWh. The total value of the project exceeds 200 million euros, and construction could start at the end of this or the beginning of next year.