The municipality of Pljevlja in Montenegro received the first installment of environmental compensation

11. September 2020. /

Based on the environmental compensation, the Municipality of Pljevlja will collect from the polluters 1.7 percent of their realized annual revenues from the sale of raw materials, semi-finished products and products in the country and abroad.

The Municipality of Pljevlja collected the first installment from Elektroprivreda Crne Gore, Rudnik Uglja and Gradir Montenegro on the basis of a fee for the protection and improvement of the environment.

The consent for the introduction of the eco fee to be charged – was given for the first time by the Government at the session held in mid-October last year in Pljevlja. Elektroprivreda Crne Gore will pay the most money on this basis to the Municipality of Pljevlja annually, 1,014,547 euros, Rudnik Uglja 734,101 euros, and Gradir Montenegro 284,706 euros. The Public Revenue Administration of the Municipality of Pljevlja told “Vijesti” that all three companies duly settled the first installment in the amount of half of the amount of a little more than two million euros, which they are obliged to pay annually.

The obligations based on the environmental compensation of these three companies will be paid in two installments, of which the first installment is due on July 31, and the second on November 30. “Vijesti” was told by the local government that they expected a higher amount to be collected from Elektroprivreda, but that they calculated the amount of the fee based on the balance sheet provided by that energy company.

The Mayor of Pljevlja, Igor Golubović, and the Prime Minister, Duško Marković, previously announced that they would pay between two and a half and three million euros a year to the Municipality of Pljevlja on this basis.

Obligors to pay the fee are legal entities and entrepreneurs who perform certain activities on the territory of the Municipality of Pljevlja, which affect or may affect the environment and for which an environmental impact assessment is required or may be required.

Funds earned on this basis are paid into a special account of the Municipality, which cannot be blocked. The municipality can only use that money for the purpose of protection and improvement of the environment on its territory.

“The reasons that influenced the proposal of the decision on compensation for protection and improvement of the environment of the Municipality of Pljevlja is the endangerment of all basic segments of the environment in a long time, due to activities that in the spirit of the Law on Environment represent the specifics of the Municipality of Pljevlja. The specificity of this environment are waste materials generated as a result of electricity production, coal mining, zinc and lead ore, which cause or may cause increased air, surface and groundwater pollution, land degradation and pollution, accumulation of industrial and hazardous waste, deterioration health status of the population, destruction of flora and fauna. The bearers of these activities are the Coal Mine, Elektroprivreda CG – Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja and Gradir Montenegro “, reads the draft decision previously adopted by the local parliament.





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