Trade Union: Power utility EPS does not have excess employees, – these facts needs to be explained to the International Monetary Fund

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The Public Enterprise Electric Power Industry of Serbia has no excess employees, and it has to be explained to the International Monetary Fund, while a promise that 5,000 employees, by 2020, will have to leave the company, is given by former EPS CEO, Mr. Aleksandar Obradovic, without any insight into working positions classification, said EPS Trade Union President, Mr. Milan Djordjevic.
“Firstly, misconceptions of previous CEO, need to be removed, who, instead to implement collection of 1.7 billion of debt for unpaid electricity, purchases “Audi” cars, and make promises to the IMF that 1,000 workers will get fired, by the end of this year”, said Djordjevic for the Politika Newspaper.
Djordjevic pointed out, that Union representatives requested from the Prime Minister, Mr. Aleksandar Vucic, to meet with the IMF in next few days, in order to present them that EPS, in fact, does not have enough employees for all working positions.
The International Monetary Fund needs to know that 40 % of EPS coal miners, due to difficult working conditions, does not meet retirement, and the remaining 60 % receive pension not longer than one year, he added.
If the IMF decision would be implemented, EPS would remained without workers, Djordjevic said.

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