Montenegro: Agreement on TE Pljevlja second block construction signed

, Investors

Agreement on the Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja second block construction worth €324.5m has been signed today. Today’s signing is the result of intense two year negotiations and this will be the first major energy facility to be built in Montenegro after 35 years.

The agreement on construction was signed by the CEO of the Electric Power Company of Montenegro Tonino Maglio, vice president of the Skoda Praha Board of Directors Martin Pohlodek and the president of the Skoda Praha board of directors Peter Bodnar.
The agreement signing was also attended by prime minister Milo Djukanovic, deputy prime minister Vujica Lazovic and the minister of economy Vladimir Kavaric.

“The construction of the TE second block will make Montenegro independent in terms of energy, which is a prerequisite for sustainable economic and social development in the future. After 30 years, the first major energy facility is to be built in Montenegro”, EPCG stated.

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