Wastewater in Zrenjanin, Serbia, eco-bomb

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The Alexandrovacki canal inflamed into the Begej River, which flows through Zrenjanin, and thus ending in all wastewater of the citys from 13 pollutants, according to the data of the public water company Vojvodina. Of these pollutants, six wastewater extradites them in Begei without purification, ie without removing pollutants. These are a Zrenjanin public company water supply and sewerage and five factories. The fact that these water is not purified, among other things, affects that Alexandrovacki canal and Begej on the exit from Zrenjanin will be of poor quality.

Due to the wastewater that spills in Begej, water quality is at exit from Zrenjanin for years, as long as it can have consequences not only in the environment but also the health of people. On the other hand, the business of the construction of the wastewater treatment plant, which was waiting for 15 years, was awarded a company from United Arab Emirates without the implementation of public procurement.

Doctor Sasa Petkovic from Zrenjanin Public Health Bureau says that it has a negative impact on the environment and human health.

“From 24 samples in 2020, only two on quality indicators are good. If this water is used for irrigation, recreational purposes or used fish for human nutrition, there is a great probability that some harmful substances enter the food chain, “Petkovic explains.

The data of the CINS journalist analyzed show that water in Alexandro channel has been constantly very poorly in recent years. Dropping the fecal sewer in the river without purification is irresponsible to waste water, so “the devils”, evaluating Jozef Bozo, a professor of more Technical School in Zrenjanin. As explained, through fecal sewerage in open watercourses, a specific intensive microflor is released.

Namely, in the recent study of the Water Center, sustainable development and adaptation to climate change, it says that due to climate change, water levels can be reduced in rivers, which will strengthen the negative wastewater effect in already polluted rivers. The consequences of climatic changes are more and more often flood, which could harmfully affect the plant world in the area of ​​the river, in the case of polluted river water.

Investor pre-elected

The construction of wastewater treatment plants is a priority of the city of Zrenjanin since 2006, judging by urban documents that CINS analyzed. That year, the city allocates this project as one of the imperatives, but fifteen years later he has not yet been realized.

Without bidding and selection of the best bidder, the city was built by the construction of the plant, credited by the company Metito Jutilitis from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The decision to make a job is based on the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and Metito Jutilitis from 2019, which arises from the Agreement on Serbia and the UAE, signed in 2013. Contracts concluded in accordance with this Agreement are not subject to public procurement, tenders, bids or other proceedings provided by the laws of Serbia.

Rade Djuric, a lawyer who has been involved in public procurement analyzes for years, that it is not good for jobs to assign jobs without applying regular procedures. He believes that the construction of purifiers is good news, but citizens need to know how much they must actually pay.

The project should have decided the councilors of the City Assembly at the session scheduled for the urgent procedure for November 7 last year. However, before the decision and passed by journalists, a call from the Cabinet of the Mayor to sign a contract with Metito on November 9th. The City Assembly only confirmed a public-private partnership with an investor from the Emirate.

It is presented that the Metito will fund the construction of the plant, raise it and manage it for the next 25 years. Construction should start no later than November 2021. The investment value is 30 million euros, of which 70 percent implies the construction of the plant itself. In the words of the Vice President of the company Metito Jutilitis, Valid Madvar, Zrenjanin is the first city in Europe in which this company will operate.

Source: cins.rs