Will Romania’s Nuclearelektrika pay an additional fee for radioactive waste storage?

14. September 2020. /

Nuclear Electricity, the operator of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant, should pay a certain fee, depending on the amount of electricity produced, for the storage of radioactive waste, according to the provision that appears in the Draft Regulation on Safe Management of Radioactive Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel. This decree is on the agenda of the Government session.

The relevant provision reads: “Holders of nuclear approvals for nuclear power plant units shall pay an annual financial contribution calculated by multiplying the net amount of electricity produced annually by the tariff expressed in euros per MWh, in order to raise funds necessary for final storage of generated radioactive waste.”

The situation currently seems confusing, considering that Nuklearelektrika is already paying a fee to the National Agency for Radioactive Waste. It is about 0.6 euros per MWh, in the name of future costs of decommissioning of nuclear units, and 1.4 euros per MWh for the final storage of radioactive waste and spent fuel. It is still not clear whether this is a new additional fee or the same fee.

At the location of the Cernavoda power plant, a spent fuel storage is in operation, where, after six years in the reactor tank (wet storage), the spent fuel is stored for 50 years.

Source: e-nergia.ro




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