Will the jadarite mine in Serbia bring pollution or billions?

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Will there be a lower lithium mine in the valley of Jadar river, how much will it affect the life of the locals and the environment in which they live. Will it bring them billions and a better standard, or pollution and possible diseases; This is the place where Rio Tinto plans to build a landfill, say the residents of the village of Gornja Nedeljica. One million and 400 thousand tons of tailings per year should be stored in the area where there are now green fields and forests, says Zlatko Kokanović, who does not plan to sell his property.

“I don’t think at all, my property is in the mine zone. One of my plots is under the plan of the railway and the road that they are making for the mine. ”

N1: Are you going to stay in Gornje Nedeljice?

Kokanović:  For now yes, if they build a mine here than I am left without land, without anything.

Živana and Divna, however, decided differently. They will have to leave their properties in ten days. Their neighbors have already sold their houses. Rio Tinto gives about 500 euros per square meter and 160 per acre of land.

“We would fight but we have no time. Those who do not live there, do not fight for their hearths and then we go one by one. I’m scared. It’s not the environment where I grew up, “says Živana.

“I have two daughters, six grandchildren… Everyone is leaving… What are you going to get, what are you going to buy? I was a housewife, I had everything here. Now take off everything you can to put it there. So how, where will I go, where will I go? ” Divna asks.

According to the locals, the research conducted by Rio Tinto is already leaving consequences.

The N1 reporter toured the barley field… In just a few steps, the barley is no longer growing. There are wells to explore the lithium of the Rio Tinto mine, groundwater is pouring out and research shows that these ground waters have large amounts of boron and sodium.

The Institute for Public Health from Šabac and the Jaroslav Černi Institute performed an analysis of groundwater, says chemist Nada Bakiš. The results don’t match, but it’s not the worst.

“Neither corn, nor barley, nor wheat can grow. It’s bad, water can’t penetrate the ground. If the quality of food was measured, it would be bad. “I think this will be worse than Bor when that mine opens,” Bakiš points out.

The residents of Gornja Nedeljica address all the competent authorities, but no one answers their questions.

“We invited them all to come one by one. They won’t even respond to emails. They probably think that they either agreed on that, so only the people should inform us, or they think we are completely irrelevant and unimportant “, says Mariana Petković from the Association Gornja Nedeljica.

For now, it is known that Rio Tinto would purify wastewater and discharge it into the Jadar River.

“They mention double osmosis, it is a method of purifying water through the smallest microfilters. If they realize that, that water will not support the biosphere and the living world in water, because it is water like distilled water – all minerals and all particles are retained and removed “, says Miladin Đurđević.

Such water would reach the Drina from Jadra and then the Sava, warn the association Gornja Nedeljica.

Residents of the Jadar River Valley from 22 villages fear that the exploitation of lithium, which is used to produce batteries, will destroy their river, their forests and fields – in a word, destroy nature, from which they draw energy to recharge – their batteries for healthy living.

Source: rs.n1info.com


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