Wind Farm to be opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The Relaks company from Posusje, owned by businessmen Veljko Loncar (Vokel) and Tomislav Maric (KTM Brina), is working on a project to build the Ostrc hydroelectric plant on the Ostrc mountain above Posusje. The project is in the phase of obtaining an energy permit.

So far, the CoE has been issued with a location and environmental permit, the Indikator reports, referring to news portal. Wind power and direction have been continuously monitored and recorded for five years with devices mounted on a 84-meter-high measuring pillar on Ostrce.

Based on the obtained data, all the necessary studies and studies were done showing that the Ostrc site is one of the best locations for the construction of wind farms in BiH.

The electricity from wind energy, Ostrc wind power plant will produce with eight wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 28.2 MW.

The planned annual production is 94 GW / h of electricity and it is sufficient to supply all homes in Posusje, Grude and Ljubuski.

According to the Feasibility Study, the value of the Ostrc wind farm project is 35 million euros and it will be the largest investment in one project in the County of West Herzegovina.

On behalf of the concession fee, Relaks will pay a concession fee of 2.5% of the total value of electricity produced, and the fee will be split into two equal parts between the cantons and the Municipality of Posusje.


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