Montenegro, It is necessary to fully implement the process of using the water of Lake Bileć, to solve the impacts of the HPP Buk Bijela

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In Montenegro, it is necessary to complete the process of using the water of Lake Bileć, solve the impacts of the Buk Bijela hydroelectric power plant (HE) on the territory of Montenegro, i.e. a UNESCO protected area, and build the Kruševo HPP, announced the Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences, Mihailo Burić.

He said that the production of 661.99 gigawatt hours (GWh) per year is possible through the Kruševo reservoir and the already built Bilećki lake reservoir, through HPP Risan.

– This is a production that is greater than four average annual productions of the Krnovo wind power plant, an average of about 150 GWh per year – Burić told Pobjeda.

He stated that the question of using the hydropower of Bileć Lake by ceding part of the produced energy is mainly of a legal nature, while the construction of HPP Risan and Kruševo requires special procedures and investments.

– Given that the financial situation in Montenegro is quite clearly determined by the economic definition that a large part of the new debt used to finance consumption above the level of realized income – leads to certain bankruptcy, the only thing left for Montenegro, in addition to the difficult-to-feasible joint investment, is to secure foreign investments and concessions – said Burić.

He stated that HPP Kruševo, near the village of the same name, should be built at a location 1.6 thousand meters upstream from the confluence of the Piva and Tara rivers, 12 kilometers downstream from HPP Piva.

– The left part of the reservoir would be located on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. HE Kruševo is an accumulation storage plant with an accumulation for weekly water leveling. The installed flow would be the same as for HPP Piva. Both power plants would work in conjunction – in parallel. It is possible to build the dam and reservoir in other locations, even exclusively in the territory of Montenegro, if necessary – announced Burić.

He added that there are very different data about Lake Bileć, which is located on the border between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The part of the Bilećko lake basin in our territory is 598.52 square kilometers or 44.9% of its total basin, said Burić and added that it is indisputable that the Bilećko lake covers about five square kilometers of the territory of Montenegro.

– It is estimated that 24% of the volume of Lake Bileć belongs to Montenegro. And finally, the inflow of water into the reservoir from the territory of Montenegro was adopted at a minimum of 32 cubic meters per second. The right of Montenegro to use water and energy clearly follows from the above data – said Burić, eKapija reports.

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